Foreign coach for Indian cricket team, is it required?


Well, the simple answer is ‘it depends’. 

If the job of Indian cricket coach is to sharpen the cricketing skills of the team members, then our own old heroes can be the best bet.  But we have seen in recent past, cricket is not a game which involves only bat, ball and stumps; it involves lot of money transactions– money flowing from sponsors, advertisers, cricket control board, well-wishers etc…etc…So cricket in India has changed from a game to a business.  A foreign coach will always give more popularity to the team thus can keep the exisiting customers and can attract new customers; our media can celebrate these events (selection and dropping of coaches) by conducting polls, surveys, interviews, group discussions etc.  BCCI has invested in Indian cricket to run it as a profitable business; sponsors are invested in Indian cricket to promote their products, Indian cricket team members are invested their time, skills and effort in cricket to make their life more lavish. 

But why the spectators are investing their time in watching cricket?  Don’t have an answer.  It may be due to our basic nature; we are not comfortable in changing our habits and practices, so we are still watching cricket.        

The coach’s responsibility includes managing the expectations of all the stakeholders of this business; training the team is secondary.  We need a coach because we need a reason for our failures; we need a coach so that we can drop him after some time.  Considering the needs, a foreign person is well suited for the position.  If we select an Indian as a coach; he will get some support form the cricket loving group in India; for a foreigner it is difficult to gain that support with in the span of one to two year contract period.  

As a never die supporter of this game; we can request BCCI to come up with an IPO so that we can also be part of this successful business. 



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