Who is controlling my Life?


Yesterday night I went out with one of my friends and had drinks from a low class bar, the bar room was filled with the fragrant of cigarettes and I was just enjoying the white color smoke filled in that room.  I was happy that the smoke was partially hiding some of the cracks in the roof and adding an interior design effect in that room.  Suddenly my friend disturbed me with a question  – ‘do you believe in life after death?’   I was not sure what my friend was thinking of all those time and from where he got that question.  I heard this topic before but not much thought on that. 

But yesterday the question was specific to me and unfortunately my friend was expecting an answer.  As usual, I was confused and I started thinking – do I have an option (Preferably user friendly) to choose life after death?  Who is controlling my life? – is it by myself?  Is it by my friend? Is it by some unknown power? Is it by destiny? or by some xyz?

Good, if my life has been controlled by someone else, then I don’t have to do much than just live.  If I’m the only person controlling it, then I can decide whether I want to live after death or not.  One of the other options is; my life can be controlled by me and an unknown power.  Then it is become competitive, who is having more control? me or the unknown power?  Thoughts became wild and I don’t have answers for my friend.   But the bar man was clear in his thoughts that he wants to send us out, close the bar and go home. 

When I woke up in the next day morning, it was 10.30.  I was supposed to be at office by 8 AM and I missed two early scheduled meetings.  I understood, now I have to take control, at least for rest of the day to avoid further damage. 


About Manoj R

Lifelong student, minimalist and a freelance happiness consultant. I'm trying to reach a state of ecstasy by enjoying daily wonders in life. My greater aim is to specialize in generalizing happiness concepts!
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