Life @ Boston

Its midnight;

City is sleeping, covered with a white blanket


I just got up and switched on the TV

Breaking news is flashing – a famous actress is going to reveal her wait lose secret

What a story to listen in the midnight!

Let me come out from my den


WoW! It’s awesome!

But it is not going to last for ever; like my last girl friend


The entire city has frozen; but not my thoughts

I walked through the street; like a homeless guy whom I met in the morning


Thought of meeting someone in the streets;

The homeless person with a placard in his hand,

the hardworking old man who always removes snow from the road,

the cute college girl from the nearby Italian pizza joint


But the street is empty;

Like a Bangladesh-Australia cricket match stadium


The old lady who sells Thai food might also be sleeping;

But her shop still has an illuminated welcome board;

Can I knock the door in the midnight for some food?

Well, that is another food for thought!


I haven’t seen sun for last few days;

Ah! I have to go back and search in Google

As they said, these days Google can provide all the solutions!


Why should I walk in the mid night?

Stopped walking for a moment;

Like a batsman who is waiting for third umpire’s decision


At this time, some sales guy in some country might be selling E-notebook;

He might be proudly guaranteeing ‘our experienced R&D team will fix all the issues with no time’


I have to go back now; thoughts are not getting frozen

All the snows in Boston are not good enough to frozen my little thoughts!

But would like to walk through the frozen street with frozen thoughts!


About Manoj R

Lifelong student, minimalist, and a freelance happiness researcher
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