Human dynamics in an organization



Most of us spends majority of our day time in office.  Different people have different goals in life and we all have different ways to reach our goals.  That makes office space interesting.  It is difficult to judiciously analyze and identify what is right or what is wrong in everyone’s approach.  But it is worth observing different people’s strategy to reach their goals.  It is also interesting to note the difference between what we talk and what we do and how we justify things.  After all we all are actors, good actors!   


 But who will succeed?  Ok, it is difficult to define a common success for different goals.   So let me tweak the question, what is the best approach to reach goals?  Ah! The simple and straight forward answer is – hard work.    Agreed, nothing substitutes hard work but it is not the only thing that contributes successful career life.  It is not the strongest or the brightest candidates who are successful in office but it is those who are willing to adopt the situations.  It is those people who are ready to understand the office atmosphere and those people who are ready to change themselves according to the situations. 


No two organizations have the same success mantra.   Each organization has its own problems and its own advantages.  If you ask your HR Manger, ‘who is the best employee of this organization’? You will get different answers at different point of time and the answer may also depend on who is asking the question.  Today the best employee can be a manager candidate who makes lot of noise and makes sure others knows his\her pain and problem solving abilities.  Tomorrow it can be an individual who sits at a corner of the room and who religiously does his/her work and tries to help others as the way he\she can.  Day after tomorrow it can be an individual who visits everyone’s desk and crack jokes, which help others to relax a little bit and then concentrate on their work.   It all depends on the situational challenges in the organization and the organization’s strategy to success. 



The best employee/team is a situational recognition than a hardcoded fact.  But definitely we can find some common points that help every one to be successful in their own way.  Find the below 10 points that will definitely help you in your career life; let me know otherwise


  1. Understand the office atmosphere and challenges.
  2. Redefine\align your short term goals according to the office atmosphere and challenges.
  3. Be knowledgeable in the area you are working on
  4. Knowledge is wealth, always tries to learn more and enjoy opportunities to learn more.
  5. Effectively communicate your thoughts, learning, findings, issues and solutions to the management.  If you are facing a problem, think about the possible solutions for the problem before starting a discussion.  
  6. Appreciate others in their success.
  7. Find time to think about the problems in your project\team\group\organization and define your own solutions and discuss with the team.
  8. Keep good relation and empathy towards your team members and co-workers.  Every organization recognizes teamwork than an individual’s performance.  
  9. Think about the next stage where we can reach as a team\organization; define your own plans to reach there and discuss with your team manager.
  10. Don’t forget to do your day to day work.  Religiously do your work and enjoy your work.  




About Manoj R

Lifelong student, minimalist, and a freelance happiness researcher
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