Transparency in Performance Evaluation

 I haven’t heard about any ‘Perfometer’ which can be used to scientifically, statistically and thus accurately measure the performance of individuals in an organization.  Till now in my career life I haven’t seen a performance analysis cycle which satisfies each and every employee of an organization.  But why?  I’m not aware of any ‘e-Budha’ who quits his/her highly paid job and tries to find the reason for the chaos at the time of performance analysis cycle.  Though I have my own offline findings, the below text from Kalam’s autobiography is something which I can resemble my findings.   


“Performance dimensions are factors that lead to creation.  They go beyond competencies such as the skills and knowledge of the individual.  Performance dimensions are broader and deeper than what a person must know and be able to do in order to function well in his or her job.  They include attitudes, values and character traits.  They exist at various levels of human personality.  At the behavioral level-at the outermost ring of the tree- we can observe skills and measure knowledge.  Social roles and self-image dimensions are found at the intermediate level.  Motives and traits exist at the innermost or core level.  If we can identify those performance dimensions which are most highly correlated with job success, we can put them together to form a blueprint for outstanding performance in both thought and action.”



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