Logical Barter System


Long back, when currencies were not available to exchange as value of a product or service, people were exchanging whatever they have for whatever they don’t have.


In this age, sophisticated techniques and measurements are available to identify the value of a product or service.  It seems to be a stabilized, proven and well accepted technique through out the world.


But can we measure each and everything in this world and put a price tag/barcode for that?  I don’t know.  May be, if we can put dedicated and enormous time and effort, we can measure and quantify – thoughts, dreams, feelings, performance, attitude and intentions of an individual, society, organization and country.   Though the above mentioned properties are volatile, we can find a basic structure for those changes.   But I’m not seeing any quest in this world to put that effort.  Majority considers that effort is not worth for the expense it inquires and whatever majority believes is true for the moment.   


So the current trend is to make sure there is a proper exchange system for all the physical and luxurious amenities of life and classify individuals, society, organization and country based on their buying power.  This situation causes the need for a logical barter system.  As per this system, people should make it as a practice to exchange whatever they have [and which cannot be measured by the current currency system] for what ever they don’t have [and which cannot be measured by the current currency system].  That will make everyone happy.  And obviously, it is up to each and every individual to determine what they have and what they need which can not be measured through the present currency system.


About Manoj R

Lifelong student, minimalist, and a freelance happiness researcher
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