A Hall where Anyone can Walk-in…

When I entered in to that hall, there were around 20 people inside. It was not decorated but looked neat.  Through the near by window, I could see ~50 people were working in the paddy field.

What should I do next?

Not sure.

I followed those who were in front.  Wrote my name and address in a book and they gave me a number, Devotee #: 256.  Not a big number, I might be one of the early birds there.

An old man approached me and asked, “What ritual would you like to perform? “

“I don’t know” was my reply.

“That’s good”,

The old man smiled and showed me a list of rituals that people usually follow there.  I glanced through the list of rituals; interestingly none of them were considered as rituals by me.

With great curiosity I asked the old man, “how much do you charge for performing these rituals?”

This time old man had a good laugh. “There is no priest here to perform the rituals, you have to do it by yourself.   Since you are doing it for all of us, you don’t have to pay for it.”

I selected ‘working in kitchen’ as my ritual.  The old man took me to a kitchen.  It was a big hall and many people were performing their rituals in the kitchen.  I joined along with them.  All were friendly but I was not aware of the reason why we were preparing the food items.

It was around 12 noon when the ritual was over.  I was tired.  When I came out from that kitchen, I saw a big queue for food.  I joined with them and had food.

I noticed few of the devotees were going out and a few of them were going back to the paddy field to continue their rituals.  New set of people were coming in and selecting a ritual which they would like to perform.

I came out from that hall and tried to find a board which would give an idea about the building  and what is happening inside.  I couldn’t find one.

When I woke up in the morning, it was difficult for me to realize what was happened!  But before sleeping, I thought of going to a nearby prayer hall.


About Manoj R

Lifelong student, minimalist, and a freelance happiness researcher
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