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Manoj ++, making of a Global Citizen…!

25 April 1998,  does anyone know the importance of this day?  It is neither birthday of my current girlfriend nor wedding anniversary of my past girlfriend.  It is just a random day to grab everyone’s attention.  An attention grabbing beginning is essential … Continue reading

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Travel for the sake of travel!

How many of you are thrilled with your office work? I failed again.  I felt discouraged, disappointed, and depressed with my job.  Managers strictly monitored, managed, and manipulated my work.  The environment sealed freedom to take decisions, swathed flexibility to air … Continue reading

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Compassion unlimited plus action

The road was empty for few minutes. Seventy year old vegetable merchant pushed his hand-cart and tried to cross the road.  This unexpected act provoked police officers.  They rushed to his end and pushed his hand-cart aside.  Vegetables from his … Continue reading

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