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Manoj ++, A Global Citizen in its making…!

25 April 1998, it is neither birthday of my current girlfriend nor wedding anniversary of my past girlfriend.  It is just a random day to grab everyone’s attention.  An attention grabbing beginning is essential for a great writing, correct? Let me stop … Continue reading

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Travel for the sake of travel!

How many of you are thrilled with your office work? I failed again.  I felt discouraged, disappointed, and depressed with my job.  Managers strictly monitored, managed, and manipulated my work.  The environment sealed freedom to take decisions, swathed flexibility to air … Continue reading

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Compassion unlimited plus action

The road was empty for few minutes. Seventy year old vegetable merchant pushed his hand-cart and tried to cross the road.  This unexpected act provoked police officers.  They rushed to his end and pushed his hand-cart aside.  Vegetables from his … Continue reading

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